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Gujarati Samaj Atlanta Team 2022

Message from the president

Kishore Patel

Dear respected members of Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta, First of all, I want to thank each and everyone for allowing me to serve as the elected President of Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta which is the largest and one of the oldest organizations in Atlanta. It is special honor and privilege to begin my term as president of the samaj. I would like to build upon the success of all the past Presidents. it’s a very hard task for me to do but I pray to God to give me enough strength and guidance so I can do justice to the position which has been filled and served by so many distinguished and elite members of the Gujarati Community of Atlanta. With the help of continuing and newly appointed BOG and EC members, I would like to take samaj to a new level. I dream that the Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta will be seen as a home away from home for each Gujarati family and Indian community in Atlanta. I know that the task is big but I vow to tackle the challenge and come out with victory with your support. I have so much confidence in my executive team as well as the board of governors with help of dedicated volunteers that our dreams will come true. I am requesting support from past presidents as well as BOG and EC members. I know your past experiences are very valuable and we do need your guidance to run our Samaj have faith that all members of samaj will actively participate and help me out in any way possible. One can help financially, devote free time as a volunteer or just tell us a few words of encouragement. I have an open-door policy and I welcome suggestions from everyone. I know that our youths are our future and an important part of our society and families and I request EC and BOG members to find ways to attract them and get them involved. We are a non-profit foundation and we are not here to make a profit. We need to serve our community to the best of our ability, on the same token we do need financial help to continue our mission and vision. We hope to receive strong and continuous support from all of you to make the 2022 Gujarati Samaj year a success!

Message from Chairwoman’s desk

Nisha Patel

Gujarati Samaj members have enjoyed various events and activities for many years and we keep trying to continue to serve our all respected members for this year and in coming years. Thanks to the members who have attended various events, all the hard-working volunteers who spared their valuable time to make the events enjoyable, and all Sponsors! Donors for their generous monetary support, Committee Leads who work tirelessly for managing the events. We are serving as a non-profit to all members or even though non-members. Executive Committee members who planned successfully these events. Board of Governors who cooperated and participated with the Executive Committee in making these events successful, motivating all in bringing harmony among all who are involved in the events. “Sau no sath, samaj no vikas”. I want to request every member to attend all the events to help Samaj and encourage volunteers. Please, take a little moment of your precious time to advise, suggest and direct to your chosen Office Bearers so they can improve the performance of future Samaj activities. Samaj events calendar is attached to this newsletter please keep it in your record. Also please update your email address on our website to receive Samaj emails. If you have any questions regarding our Samaj activities, you are always welcome to contact me or any of our board members. Your input will help us to fulfill our responsibility in making the Samaj a better place.